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Sign-up and explore the site before you buy. We offer a no-risk membership so you can get a feel for the service.

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Your account is upgraded the instant you send payment. Our payment system is fully automated, which allows you start swapping immediately.

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Your one-time payment covers all aspects of the service.

We are the only trading site to offer full cash trading for no additional cost.

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The key to successful trading is organization. Referral Swapper tracks every aspect of your trades and presents this information in an easy to manage format.

Built-in Scam Protection

Our system has many checks built in to discourage scamming. While it is not possible to completely remove the risk of being scammed, we constantly add new methods to identify potential scammers. Anyone who defrauds other users is not welcome here and will be dealt with accordingly.

Detailed Ratings

Since reputation is very important in swapping, Referral Swapper allows you to leave detailed ratings for you swaps. You can assign a favorable, neutral or negative rating to the user (and the swap) and add detailed comments.

Those users with at least 8 complete swaps and at least 90% favorable ratings are denoted as “Power Swappers” and represent experienced and safe traders.

Unique Product Matching Tool

Select which free products you are interested in and our system will put together a suggested program personalized just for you.

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