Referral Swapper allows you to find and initiate trades quickly and easily. The following steps outline the basic process:

  • Choose which sites you'd be willing to participate in. These sites are called your "offering" sites and should be programs which you are not currently a member of, but would be willing to signup for.

  • Select sites you are seeking referrals for. These are programs which you are a member of and wish to find referrals for.

  • Visit the browse page to view your matching swaps. Use the filtering / search options to narrow your potential swaps.

  • Once you find a swap, simply choose the ‘Request Swap” button. You can include comment for the other person if you wish.

  • Keep track of swap requests and manage your current swaps through the “My Swapper” interface.

  • Refer your friends to the service and earn points towards great rewards.