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Overall Rating
5 out of 5
Credit Time:  1.0 days
Total Cost:  $4.97
Auto-renewal Program? Yes
Credit Card Req'd? No

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User Comments:

Posted: 7/24/2006 Reviewer: menikmati YES 5.0
Excellent offer if you like music-subscription based trials.

Only downfall is that the customer service representatives are located in India and communication can get difficult.
Posted: 5/05/2006 Reviewer: erik7x YES 5.0
This is a wonderful service similar to Napster. It's a 14 day free trial, though some sites require that you stay on past the free trial to keep credit. Same selection as Napster, so there's the same hardcore death metal that you're looking for on this service. :)

The only problem is that when you call them, you are routed to someone in industrial India. They are usually very nice, but English is not their first language, which can be a little frustrating.