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5 out of 5
Credit Time:  1.0 days
Total Cost:  $10.00
Auto-renewal Program? Yes
Credit Card Req'd? Yes

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Posted: 6/01/2012 Reviewer: kimberlyjackman NO 5.0
Posted: 5/05/2006 Reviewer: erik7x YES 5.0
I did quite well with this offer. I think it's still a free trial, which is what I signed up for. I stayed on for about 4 months though, and got a $50 check from them as well as a $125 check from my purchase at If you buy a lot from the sites they have on there (,, OldNavy, and many others) it's a good idea to try this one out. Same day credit and easy to reach on the phone.

B+ because they took a few extra weeks to send the checks (supposed to be 6-8 weeks, took about 10).